Back to the Rack has been open for more than five years in Bel Air, MD, offering quality consignments!

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When you consign your gently used and like-new furniture, you are taking the environmentally and socially responsible path. Furniture, especially...
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As anyone with children or even nieces and nephews knows, every time you blink children grow another inch! That is why our childrens apparel...
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The art of creating a home and not just a house has everything to do with personalizing your space to the style of you and your family. A well...

For home decorations and housewares you will not find anywhere else, Back to the Rack is the best!

Welcome to Back to the Rack

At Back to the Rack of Bel Air, MD, we make buying and selling gently used consignment furniture, children’s clothing, and home decor simple and worry-free. Consigning your furniture at our newly renovated store is simpler than you ever thought possible—and when your items sell, we mail you a check for your share of the selling price. Consigning with Back to the Rack is the best way to make earnings off your unwanted items, and it really is as easy as 1-2-3!

After five years in business, our customer base has continually grown, making us the popular local shopping destination we are today. With a wide selection of home and office furnishings, children’s toys and clothing, and home decor in-store, we have a number of specialties that our customers come back to find time and again. We specialize in housewares and scrapbooking items, and new furniture is added to our collection all the time. (Please note that we do not carry adult clothing at this time).

When you have gently used items that you need to remove from your home, whether because you are redecorating, inheriting new furnishings, making space for new clothing for growing children, or simply making a change, consignment sales are a safe, secure alternative to having a yard sale or garage sale. Inviting strangers into your home might jeopardize the safety of your property and family. Save the hassle of running online or newspaper ads, and you will never have to worry about fraudulent and faulty payments.

If your product sells, your payment is guaranteed. If you are looking for quality used furnishings, children’s toys as clothing, and home decorations, this is the spot to shop—we are even open on Black Friday! Please come by Back to the Rack in Bel Air, MD to learn more about consigning, or shop our full selection today!